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BioPsychoSocialSpiritual, Addiction Recovery. Will look at and review topics regarding addiction and recovery, with the Bio Pychosocial Spiritual approach.

Alan Watts: Self

The video above presents the idea of the self, who you really are at a fundamental level, being one with the cosmos (everything there is), as well our self being identified with humanity itself. There is also the fundamental idea, which differs from our experience in everyday life, that we are something which has come … Continue reading Alan Watts: Self

Enlightenment or Awakening.

Ego has a way of tripping us up and telling us that it’s not necessary to go through any ‘steps’ to reach our fullest potential, *our truest Self.* Ego wants us to believe that we can ‘go it alone’ and everything will turn out peachy. No man is an island, so the saying goes and … Continue reading Enlightenment or Awakening.


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